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Frontiers of Finance is a series of research reports written by Michael Mauboussin and published by Credit Suisse First Boston.




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Where's the Bar?  Introducing Market-Expected Return on Investment (MEROI)  - June 12, 2001

It's the Ecology, Stupid: How Breakdowns in Market Diversity Can Lead to Volatility - September 11, 2000

Get Real: Using Real Options in Security Analysis - June 23, 1999

Cash Cash Economics in the New Economy - February 26, 1999

The (Fat) Tail that Wags the Dog: Demystifying the Stock Market's Performance - February 4, 1999

The Invisible Lead Steer: New Answers to Old Questions About the Stock Market - December 11, 1998

A Piece of the Action: Employee Stock Options in the New Economy - November 2, 1998

To Buy or Not to Buy: Issues and Considerations Surrounding Share Repurchase - August 7, 1998

Let's Make a Deal - April 27, 1998

Shift Happens - October 24, 1997

What Have You Learned in the Past 2 Seconds? - March 12, 1997

Competitive Advantage Period "CAP", The Neglected Value Driver - January 14, 1997






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